The one place that both Mr Freelance and I were desperate to visit was good ol’ Manhattan. We managed to bag a hotel just-off Times Square in January 2006 when Hairspray and Wicked were the big hitters on Broadway.

Tourists to the core we drank in the familiar scenes from our favourite films and explored wholeheartedly the fabulous city. Central Park was enchanting covered in shimmering ice and I was thrilled to see people ice skatering on the lake. We hired a pony-and-trap to take us around and found a wonderful carousel in the middle of the park that made it feel like a fairytale. We ate massive American steaks, pretzels and burgers and shopped in Macy’s while walking miles. Around every corner something different waited and the site of the Twin Towers really made it profound. I even got to join in with some street dancers in Battery Park, much to Mr Freelances’ amusement.

These pictures take me straight there to the city that never sleeps and where I slept on the 82nd floor of a skyscraper ?

by Kelly Weeks

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