Mr Freelance had a spot of photography to complete for a client so we took the family out for a sunny morning bank holiday (no mean feat to find something suitable for both a 5 and 11 year old who have nothing in common)!

We’d been meaning to take the kiddies to the lake for a while and MJ had been desperate to try the boats. So even though its really close to us we’d never got around to visiting.

Shame on us because I found myself mightily impressed by the simplistic yet enchanting Cwmbran boating lake … Even in spite of the bank holiday hangover!
Mr Freelance had some photography to deal with at The Boat House Cafe so the kiddies & I headed to the park. MJ was thrilled with the spider climbing frame and various apparatus to climb on and I was thrilled by the amount of adult seating available (see hangover)! LB was impressed also by the huge skate and scooter park that sits alongside so thumbs up all round!

Mr Freelance was back with us so we ventured around the beautiful lakeside pathway filled with flowers in bloom and birds aplenty. We then decided to brave the clouds and take a spin in one of the traditional rowing boats. For just £5 the four of us set of (life jackets provided). Both calming, fun and pretty, I would recommend the boats to any family or indeed couple. Alas, MJ doesn’t appear to be cut out for life onboard and got a little nervous so we cut the rowing short by 10 minutes. En route back to the cafe we encountered beautiful swans with several cygnets in tow surrounded by a large amount of ducks, moorhens and Canadian geese! They were so close to the boat you could almost touch them. Fabulous 🙂

To end the morning we ate delicious 99 ice cream cones from The Boat House Cafe and chatted to fellow visitors and their doggies about the wonderful scenery and wildlife. However, MJ and LB had found the zip wire and had other ideas about heading home which to be fair was pretty funny to watch!

This is the thing with local places, they are so near you put them off. Then when you finally visit it makes you realise what adventure you can have on your own doorstep, so I intend to accompany Mr Freelance in his appointments more often!

Watch this space …

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